Manic Maze & Manic Maze Mobile

Date: September 9th 2005, Menu system takes shape

Using just simple image sets, and no back drop the menu system takes shape nicely, with the options script already coded, that will allow you to change settings for the game, all that is left for this engine is creating a Save script (note, Saving may NOT be included in the final version)
Early Alpha Menu System

Very early Alpha Menu, (mouse doesn't copy to screen).

The above screenshot has been scaled down to save space on the page, (the rest is just black anyway for the moment) this shows how alpha it is, the text on the top left are debug variables, these will NOT appear in the final version (although they will be active!)

Of course the final version will look a little more glamorous.
The rest is still underdevelopment. Expect updates to this soon.

What we expect to do in the next weeks

* Complete the Save / Load feature
* Start work on the Introduction / story line
* Create basic layouts of 3 levels
* Test what we have done

We can not go any further then this at the moment, as it depends on what the tests come out as, if they come out good then we will work on sprucing up the graphics a bit, and maybe ironing out some bugs (we will most likley have some collision detection bugs to sort out)
If it is bad, then we will have a LOT of re-working to do, we will keep you informed. If we have anything good by the end of November we MAY release the 3 Level version as a Demo, but I really want to avoid releasing a Demo, I would rather release the entire game.