Manic Maze & Manic Maze Mobile

Date: December 6th 2005, Still working on the Menu system???

Yes, the Menu system is still in development, I will admit it has been a while since I actually done anything on Manic Maze, but now I have done some more work, the main game engine still hasn't been fully tested, but I have to make sure that the menu system is created first so that I don't have to edit any of it later.

It is the menu system that will be used to set all the settings in the game, without this feature to change the settings I will have to keep going to the source code and change a few. So I thought as I have to create it in the end anyway the menu system is the first line in my opinion, good news is that it is almost done, just got to brush up on some bugs and make it a little more smoother, then we are done.

The Options script is working perfectly, it is reading the information of the config file (config.ddc) which gets created the first time the game gets launched, so if you do delete it by mistake, it will always re-create a new one. This was a known bug in the original version in 2004 you delete the config file then the game will NEVER launch again.

No new screen shots as it will just be menu systems, but I will soon be designing more and more levels for the game, although I will have to put a "Level Select Cheat" in there somewhere, as again that was another problem when testing the original version in 2004, if there was a bug and it had to be fixed we would have to play all the previous levels to get to it again. And as I am planning on having a LOT of levels in this game, you can imagine how hard it will be to test without the "Level Select Cheat" only it won't be a cheat, it will be enabled from the start.

This cheat however will be completly removed from the initial release of the game.

More to come soon.