Manic Maze & Manic Maze Mobile

Date: March 15th 2006, Re-working some of the engine

I have started re-development on the main game engine, and should have something playable soon.
Using a new type of Tile system engine, it is now easier to define what is a wall, what is a collectable pellet, and what are the walkable routes, basically the game engine has had a new addition to it, making it a little more efficient, but I am still wondering at what costs.
As I am only able to test this new addition to the Trinium Faw game engine on my own PC (P4 3.0GHz + HT, 1GB DDR3200 RAM, ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB) I am unable to see how well it will run on slower machines, I will soon be testing it on other slower machines, but as Dark Basic Professional supports DirectX 9.0 I doubt we will be seeing this game on machines with Win 98, although I may make a version in DB Classic that supports Win98 with DirectX 8.0 as the Game engine is fully compatible with DB Classic at this moment.

I will keep you posted with further developments.