Welcome to Duke Dudeston's Website

This is my little chunk of the internet, and I have decided to give it a multipurpose.

Originally it was just going to be a website to showcase the games and projects I have been working on over the years, but I really don't release enough to warrant just that. However what I do, do is write reviews for Video Games, and I thought well why not have them on my own website too, so that is what I am doing.

I also write random articles about topics that interest me, these are normally off the top of my head articles and may not be 100% accurate, with that they should be taken with a large pinch of salt, and not to be taken too seriously, if you read my articles and think "Hmmm thats an interesting point of view" then I highly recommend you take some more time finding out more information, just don't come and attack me if I was really wrong.

A heads up, this is my own website, I am not sponsored or endorsed by anyone to do this, I personally pay for this website, and I may upload things that some may find offensive, if you are someone that is easily offended, then you may want to avoid parts of this website. I will not post anything hateful I am not a bastard, but what I mean is I may brush against topics or use language some may not agree with.

About my Games / Programs:
I am still a hobby programmer, I don't claim to be the best nor even good I enjoy what I do, and yes my games will have a very amaturish feel to them, because I am an amature. I don't sell my games, that wasn't the reason I started making them, nor do I have adverts in my games, Its a hobby, I bought the software to make these games myself for my own enjoyment, I know I won't make it big, I never intend too. so I don't see why I should have to "recover the costs", I don't ask people to pay for the games I buy on PC or Console? (For more information check the About Us page

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