Web Apps

Here you will find links to our own games and applications that can run off a browser.
Please note however that some of the features of the games may not run as well on some browsers. Where available an Android compatible APK (or link to Google Play) will be available to download alongside the web app for those who wish to use it offline.

Please note that all the software is provided as is, and we accept no responsibility for any loss of data, or any other issues that may occur while using our apps.
Downloading an APK for your android device, will require you to accept an install from an "unknown source" again you do this at your own risk, we believe that our software is free from any malicious code, however in the unlikley event of something going wrong, again we will not be help accountable for any damages that may occur.

Play BLOB on your browser

Blob is a simple side scrolling platformer with unlockable levels, and bonus stages, think you can get 3 Stars on all levels?

Download from Google Play
Farty McFartboard
Play Farty McFartboard on your browser

An app made up of flatulance and burps from a WhatsApp group chat... May offend someone, you have been warned.

Download Android APK (Sideloading)
Superman Party Soundboard
Play Superman Party Soundboard on your browser

Soundbites from the "Superman" party song in a little app, made for a laugh for friends.

Super Ultra Mega Hero Adventure Quest Alpha Omega Turbo Tournament Edition Extreme HD
v1.0 (WIP)
Play Super Ultra Mega Hero Adventure Quest Alpha Omega Turbo Tournament Edition Extreme HD on your browser

A text based adventure that started off as a MegaDrive/Genesis game using a BASIC language, made into a real app, development has halted however.
Travill / "Manor Test RPG"
Play Travill on your browser

An RPG that I was developing using RPG Maker MV, I will return to it one day promise.