About Us

We are a small group of friends, who have a love for games and programs, and we wanted to share our ideas with the world.
We may not be the most professional when it comes to art, and design, but the fact that we have enough drive to get our games out is enough for us.

We are not an "official" company, chances are, we probably won't be either.

Duke Dudeston Productions, the name I have chosen made up of my online nickname "Duke Dudeston" and Productions because we do indeed produce stuff. However it is normally made up of just one man, that man being me, Richard Hamper.

I personally enjoy programming, as I have just mentioned art is not my strong point, neither are the other bells and whistles needed to make a game or app. I got into developing my own games, soley because back when I started enjoying what the world had to offer, after being plugged into the world wide web, I was let down, by a mixture of the following: (Applies to all these so called "Free" games only)

  • The game was incomplete, as in the developers had nothing more to do with it, and thus it never got to see a final release (I know Manic Maze falls in this category, but I do plan to jazz that up one day)

  • The game was just a demo, this happens a lot, they advertise a free game on a "free game download" site, and it is just a demo, or a "timed trial" meaning you get the full game but for only a limited amount of time, (say 20mins or so)

  • The game is filled with spyware / adware etc... The developers where so anxious to make money off this free game, they filled it with all sorts of malicious code causing your computer to malfucntion and the likes.

  • This is the worse one, and is more common in current smartphone generation
  • The game is listed as 100% Free, yet bombards you with In App purchases, making it damn near impossible to complete the game or progress enough without having to spend real money to do so!

I am all for a developer making money off a game with tasteful adverts, if they want to give it away for free, but those "Freemium" games where you can techincally spend more than a full retail current release game on the latest console, is just.. wrong, and all developers love this business model, who wouldn't? Yeah people get a free game and one filled with some cool features, and the developers get money from either ad supports, in game purchases, or in most cases, both!

This is why I wanted to make games, I wanted to prove that you can make a game, without needing to spend too much money, of course I have spent a great deal of my money buying the software needed, and even the hosting of my websites, but I don't put adverts on them... why? Because no one has asked me to do these things, I have chosen to do them, the same with our games...

So when you see that our games say 100% Free, we mean exactly that.
100% FREE!

No in-app purchases, no adverts, nothing, just a 100% free to play game!

Likewise, if we have said that we will charge for a game or an app, that will be the only charge that we will apply, there will not be any hidden in app purchases.

We have decided very early on, on the release of Manic Maze Mobile, that adverts will not appear on our apps and games, we tried it, and we didn't like the advertising that appeared on some peoples devices.

We do not have an office, or a solid team, we do not make money off our apps (not yet anyway)
However if we did make money, the costs will go into the overall development of the game or app, the running costs etc., or I might just donate the money to charity.
We are just your run of the mill, guys who like to make games, and because this is neither of our teams main jobs, sometimes our apps and games may faze in and out of development cycles.

If you would ever like to get involved with any of our projects, we will have a way to apply on the "Currently in development" pages, we will have to stress that we will not be able to pay you for your services, and you will agree that all submitted material will become the property of Duke Dudeston Productions (and the named copyright holders) and can be re-used in any other application or game that we decide to make in the future. We will however give you full recognition for your work in the credits of all apps that material will be used in, including a link to your website, facebook and twitter etc....

Thank you for your time to read about us, and what we do. We hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.