Orcs and Humans - Alpha Version Tests started

20:38:43 - 19/05/2015

I have been keeping this a secret until I have managed to get the game to a point that is playable, here is some information regarding the current version (taken from the website itself)

Orcs & Humans, is a browser based game, that follows similar styles to that of Mafia Wars, and MonstersGame
Which is, you create a character, you build up the stats, using gold, and can also buy weapons / armor, and fight against the oposite side.
However this game, will try to incoporate some story based missions that you can try to do.

Currently Orcs and Humans is in a "ALPHA" testing stage.
what does this mean?
Quite simply, it means the game is very much in early stages, there are still some things to work out, mainly with the way the game plays, we do hope to make this game run on as many web browsers as possible, it is also our aim to not require any additional software / applets to run in the background to make this game possible.


I have spent a great deal getting this game to this point, and I hope that it will continue to grow, I have a lot of plans for this game, and I will try to keep you posted of the upcoming changes here.