Manic Maze & Manic Maze Mobile - v1.4 - More news

01:10 - 01/03/2014

Okay, This is taking me a while to get done, and it isn't because I am lazy, as those who know me, I am taking on an Open University course (BSc (Honours) Computing and IT), to help better myself. That, coupled with work, and my own time (social time, be it on a MMO but still!) it is hard to find some time to work on the game, however, with all that said, I have a bit more information regarding v1.4

I could literally rebrand v1.4 as Manic Maze 2, with the amount of new features I am trying to throw in there, but I think it is just a great way to show off how much stonger I have got at coding and my ideas have changed over the last few years.

So what will v1.4 contain?

What we know for sure

- At least 10 totally new levels, that have a little more puzzle to them
- New ways to play the levels, You now get buttons to control blocks, spike blocks that can kill you, and now stick of dynamites that can be used to break down certain walls (and can kill you if you stand too close)
- Changes to the main background to make it easier to view the levels
- Fixes on some levels, to make them more apeasing
- Fixes to the exit sprites on some levels to help prevent cheating.

What we hope to do

- High score board
- Changes to the options script
- "how to play" / "about" button may come back
- Little back story, to why you are there in the first place (this was included as a promo video before the release of v1.1)
- Ending sequence
- End of game boss
- Extreme difficulty

As you can see we are planning v1.4 to be a massive update to v1.3, and I believe that it might make the game a little more enjoyable, although we can not say for sure what features will be in v1.4 at this time, but I hope it gives you an idea of what we plan to change / add to the game. Still if you want to play Manic Maze in its current state, then download it from this site today!

I would recommend you keep checking this site for updates on 1.4 as I really think that the next version would be a better game overall.

I hope to get v1.4 out by August 2014, however this date is very much up in the air and is based on the minimum amount of free time I can give to this project.

Also, I would like to confirm that I am looking for a tester for v1.4, so if you think you be interested contact me using any forms you may know of (I will only consider friends / family) and I am only looking for 2 testers.

I also want to take this time to thank and credit the previous testers (if I have forgotten someone then please let me know!)

Our Previous Testers
-- Manic Maze v0.0 > v1.0 --

Richard Hamper
Luke Justice
Alice M Hamper (Webb)
Rosey Elson
Sin Tsz Chueng

-- Manic Maze v1.1 & v1.2 --

Richard Hamper
Luke Justice
Alice M Hamper (Webb)
Rosey Elson
Matt Brown

-- Manic Maze v1.3 --

Richard Hamper
Luke Justice
Alice M Hamper (Webb)
Matt Brown
Amanda Casselle-Stephens

Thank you for reading and I hope to update this again next month (april - if not before) with more information.